Fighting Movie for All of Us

Jin-ah started out of a strange place.
I happen to be fascinated by boxing, and somehow I become a boxer.
She faced me on the ring with a double-barged body.
It was himself who could not come out of the world.
Boxing that taught me steps, not steps in life.
Jin-ah is preparing for real fighting to live…
Fighting against the world with two fists!

​The North Korean defector, Jin-ah,
To adapt to South Korea, or Seoul,
The struggling figure was too realistic.

in a tough situation
Naturally permeated into Jin’s mind.

Jin-ah Grows Through Boxing

I don’t know if Jin-ah has any of the piglets.
Through the sport of boxing, we solve it.
It was nice to see you adjusting to life!

Tae-soo, who always treats Jin-ah sincerely.

“Tae-soo” means “Jin-ah”
He discovered that he had a talent for boxing.
Letting the director know about Jin-ah’s talent.
It helps “Jin-ah” box in earnest.

And I’m going to tell Jin-ah that he’s got a lot of support,
Love? A person who gives.

A director who gives calm comfort to Jin-ah and gives her strength.

Jin-ah has a talent as a boxer.
with a quick catch
Supporting ‘tube field’

Also, when Jin-ah is struggling 토렌트 with domestic affairs,
He is a supportive person.

“Tae-su” and “Kwanjang” to help Jin-ah come out into the world.

My father was caught trying to escape from North Korea.
My mother made a fresh start in South Korea.
Jinah, you’re the only one who can do this whole situation.
I have to endure this situation.

Dear Jin-ah,
There are warm people like the Chief and the Taesoo.
What a relief!

I don’t want Jin to be lonely.
With these people,
I want you to adapt well and live with it.
I cheered in my heart.

North Korean defectors

Before watching Torrent, I watched “Synopsis” instead of “Synopsis.”
I didn’t know that Jin-ah was a North Korean defector.

As a North Korean defector, Jin-ah…
Through a lot of difficulties,
Actually, North Korean defectors can have this kind of difficulty.
It’s time to realize.

North Korean defector Jin-ah looking for a room in Seoul
Jin-ah, who is running and enduring the tough reality.


I think Jin-ah is the best.
about how to get along with people.
I thought I didn’t know.
(Maybe you don’t trust people?)

That’s why I misunderstood what others were saying.
And he gets angry.
He sometimes says things that are different from his true feelings.

“Tae-su” and “Kwanjang” to help Jin-ah come out into the world.

But Jin-ah was able to do boxing.
Facing himself who could not come out of the world,
You take a step toward life.

He left himself in the North when he was 12 years old.
With the mother who defected to North Korea by herself.
In the end, ‘Jin-ah’ will grow even further by reconciliation.

Mom came to Jin’s boxing match.

Through the help of Tae-su and Kwan-jang?
And the process of making peace with Mom.
I think “Jin-ah” is one of the growing points.

my little opinion

Jin-ah and Tae-soo spend time in the sea they wanted to go to.

There’s an unexpected romance.
It was a little cheesy.
Personally, Tae-soo was so attractive.

It’s squishy and a little squishy, but…
Without prejudice to North Korean defectors,
You always treat Jin-ah with all your heart.
I felt so cool because you recognized Jin-ah’s talent.

Jin-ah is with Tae-soo.
Not only boxing, but also difficulties in life.
We’re going through it.
I think it will continue to grow.

Jin-ah, who made a fresh start in a strange place, happens to be fascinated by boxing and becomes a boxer.I’ve had a lot of hard work.

of Naver Torrent
I read it in the production notes.
Read before and after Torrent.
Let’s share!

In Fighter, if you collect the frame of North Korean defector from Jin-ah, it’s not much different from the universal youth of just being alone.
It is an ordinary growth drama that can be read as a story with “boxing” and “boxer” added to the youth story.
All of us are fighting in some way on the ring of the world.
Therefore, the audience sometimes becomes a boxer’s mind to stand on the ring and becomes Jin-ah who trains together.
On the other hand, he also coaches or supports Jin-ah, who trains to stand on the ring.
So no matter which side Torrent stands,
The movie is a fighting movie for all of us living on our own “ring” of the world, and it is a work that can create a cross of challenge and hope for all of the audience.
Director Yoon Jae-ho’s message that each of the important things is to find what he wants, and to rise again and challenge even if he fails and falls is valid.
With such small challenges built up, the optimism that one day there will always be a change.
Director Yoon Jae-ho said, “Wouldn’t you mean the message you want to send to the audience through “Fighter?”
Torrent where everyone grows up with Jin-ah after crying over the harsh sincerity of all the characters surrounding Jin-ah.

on the ring of the world
Fighting Movie for All of Us

at a nearby theater
Why don’t you watch Fighter!

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