In the video, there is an IP filtering setting along with each option setting, so please apply it.

Cubit Torrent is used a lot by U-Torrent users as a way to avoid advertising and cracking down.
The biggest advantage of Cubit Torrent is that anonymous mode can be used to prevent IP exposure, which is really big.
The interface is similar to U-Torrent, and various options allow you to change settings to suit your style.
Today, we will learn how to set up Cubit torrent optimization that speeds up downloading.

First-time users download the file from the official site and proceed with the installation.
The version has Windows and Mac, and selects and downloads the appropriate items for the operating system.

Installation is not difficult, but there is a component selection in the middle.
Whether to connect to Cubit Torrent when adding Start Program Registration torrent file and Magnet link here
Select and disable the addition of a qubit torrent to a Windows Firewall rule, etc., or just click Next if you are bothered.

After installation, a legal notice pop-up will appear, and you must be familiar with the copyrights of any program you use.
I’m sure you’ll know this part without having to explain it to you.” (Just keep it for yourself..)

It could be too long to explain in detail, so please understand that I am replacing it with the attached YouTube video.
First, press the upper left cog icon (Settings) to proceed with the setup as follows when the Options window appears:

Click the Actions tab to uncheck the “Record file” entry in Power Management.

Click the “Receive” tab and say, “To the file you are receiving.Check item “Add qB extension”
You can also check the topic “Use subcategories” and specify the default storage path by clicking the folder icon.

Next, click the Connect tab to uncheck the “Global Maximum Connections” entry in the Connection Restrictions section.
Enter a number 토렌트 between 100 and 150 to your liking for the maximum connection per torrent.

On the Speed tab, type 500 in the Global Speed Limit Raised section.
“Uncheck” all items in the speed limit setting.

On the BitTorrent tab, select “Allow encryption” from the Encryption Mode drop-down list.
You can also check for anonymous mode usage, which can be found as soon as you click “Additional Information”.

Check the torrent queue entry, then enter the maximum receive raise active torrent number 6010.
Check the Do not calculate slow torrents for this limit entry and enter 1000 for the receive rate threshold value.

On the Advanced tab, the topic Use rate graphs to “uncheck”.
Enter the part of the disk cache that you enter memory for your computer memory.

4GB=512 8GB=1024 16GB와 32GB=2048

The disk cache expiration interval is 200 seconds for the operating system cache to be used by the computer’s hard disk.
Check if it’s an HDD and uncheck if it’s an SSD.

This time, you can download and apply IP filtering to secure your PC.
Click the attached link to download the file by clicking IP-filter in the upper right corner.
For your information, the numbers will continue to be version-up, so you don’t have to pay much attention.

When you decompress a downloaded file, it replaces only the extension part with dat, which is supposed to be guarding.p2p.
Press the right-click menu or keyboard F2 to change only the extension to the Rename menu.
When the Rename pop-up appears, click Yes to apply it.

Press Next, click the Connections tab and check the path of the item transferred to entry. to skip ip
Click the folder icon to select and import the changed extension dat file, and then click the Refresh icon.
Then I refreshed it like a wish shot. You can see a pop-up called “” and check the application items for the tracker.

Finally, click the BitTorrent tab to replace the deployment limit with 0.00
Select “Remove Torrent” from the Distribution Timeout for 1 minute and the Limit Action drop-down list.

Change the Cubit torrent setting to speed up download! It’s convenient to apply once.
Cubit Torrent is an advantage of having various functions such as supporting RSS feeds with advanced download filters and using anonymous mode to prevent IP exposure.
In the video, there is an IP filtering setting along with each option setting, so please apply it.

As I said before, you can refer to the video for an explanation of the options applied in the setting.
If you are using Cubit Torrent or are just using it, please apply it to speed up the download.
Was it helpful to set up the Cubit Torrent Optimization? Have a nice day!

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