Chocolate, black dials are made of gold and steel materials.

It’s a very clear spring weather today.

The wind is warm,

It seems that flowers are blooming in the wind.

On the same day, many people are avoiding

I think it would be nice to take a walk.

I live so indoors that I am getting more and more physical

It’s falling, 레플리카 and I feel depressed.

Everyone has a warm spring sunshine and a moment

Why don’t you take a walk?

Colors are the most popular chocolate and eternal these days

I’ve got it in black, a standard.

The most common thing when you first enter a luxury watch

The brand you prefer is Rolex.

Rolex is a brand of luxury goods

it is altogether equipped with functionality it is luxurious

It’s a product that’s been used by many people around the world

It is a popular brand

If only I had one luxury watch

If you ask me which brand to choose

I would like to recommend the Rolex brand.

And so many brands are known all over the world,

design or the functionally very excellent

It’s a premium product

The harmony with Gold is so cool

You look elegant, both black and chocolate

How’s the match with Gold?

Gold has a great deal of luxury and dignity

It’s all symbolic.

And Steele is the one who’s got the right

It symbolizes durability and reliability together

Especially, the chocolate dial is a gold

It’s a perfect color scheme.

So you’re going to find a way to find

You have a lot of people.

It is very good for Asian skin with a lot of yellow

It’s a nicely suited color.

18 carat gold visual indications for antichromic purposes

It looks more colorful and cool using it.

The Rolex dial is a very good idea

I’m not sure I’m able to recognize

its unique identity and readability

I can see the brand at a glance

There are many people who are looking for Black.

There are a lot of black enthusiasts,

First, I’m going to need to know

the most universal love you buy

You’re looking for a lot of black products you get.

I feel a little more chic than chocolate

I have a modern feeling.

So the young people are very cool

It suits you sportily

60 minutes tick of Lorex yachtmaster

embossed and bidirectional rotation

Bezel is made of luxurious materials

It’s a more elegant model.

The polished embossed scales and numbers

sandblast-treated matte

with high visibility and sharpness on bezel

It’s in harmony.

And like a yachtmaster, this bezel

the navigation time between the drifting installed at route

Measurement is possible. And the elapsed time

It is said that it can be confirmed quickly.

It’s a model that does the right name

Also, the unique symbolism of Rolex Bay

The model is equipped with the Oyster Breslet.

Oator Ble Slit is a beautiful and beautiful

to the item getting ready the comfortable feeling of wearing

The length is about 5mm adjustment possibles

so that the best length for you

It’s controllable.

So you can wear it in the Daily

There is no inconvenience at all

I’m gonna need to know

There are many people you trust

The Delicious Technology and Watchmaking of Rolex

It’s a premium technology

Power reserves with a movement that is being evaluated,

shock absorption, resistance to magnetic fields, detail,

Various functions such as user convenience

It’s all in it

The story of resistance to magnetic fields

You’ll be the first to hear of it.

It’s a good idea to make sure

I’m going to need to use the combined cronegie

The movement mounted.

This movement is made of a nickel alloy material

in the influence of the magnetic field durability goods

and has a free feature

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