There are people who are scared of that, but it’s definitely not.

Pagora Interior Specialist
It’s a cooling system!

Fluorescent lights go off and on at a tremendous speed.
It is always said to be bright to the human eye.
But some animals can see that fluorescent lights go off and on.
They say they can see everything.
You can see a lot of things with the naked eye.
I think there are more things I can’t see.
But we’re always figuring out what’s invisible.

This time, in kindergarten located in Gansuk-dong, Incheon,
They want us to set up a Pagora at the entrance to the kindergarten.
A request came in and we were dispatched.
If there’s a Pagora at the entrance,
Even more when it snows or rains.
It would be convenient for the children and parents.

It’s made of aluminum called pago.
It’s very durable.
Sometimes Pagora gets bent or crushed easily.
There are people who are scared of that, but it’s definitely not.
It is rumored to be quite strong.

Of course, the strong frame of the Pagora.
If you separate them one by one, there may be partial damage.
But the finished crest is more complex than I thought.
Because the frameworks are scientifically designed to make them difficult to break.
You don’t have to worry about collapsing or crushing.

The inside of the Pagora is this cozy feeling.
I think a cup of coffee would be perfect.
There are LED lights installed inside.
The 파고라 construction was carried out so that it can be used at night without any problems.
Unlike the Pagora system, the slightly slanted ceiling is…
It’s not parallel to the floor, so it’s more natural.
Like this, it is a cooling system that cares about interior design so that it can blend well with the surrounding environment.

It’s not only about the function of Pagoda.
A lot of people use it to decorate their appearance.
Now that the interior is developing,
It’s functional and aesthetic.
It’s this cheap?
There’s only Pagora.

In our Siwon system, based on know-how accumulated from years of experience,
With the best technology, we put the satisfaction of our customers.

If you have any questions, don’t feel pressured.
If you can contact me at any time, I’d like a friendly, meticulous consultation.
I promise to solve your problems.

Thank you.

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