I know my mitral muscles

I’m very interested in health care these days
Finally! I’m controlling my diet and I’ve started my own home workout!
Summer is coming
I’ve been telecommuting for almost a year You’ve gained too much weight
I started it because I thought I should take more care of my health

And I really wanted to take care of myself
I’ve also started going to 출장안마 WeBeauty, which is famous for bone therapy for foot massage!

I’ve been interested in WeBeauty because I heard my friends and sisters like it
I’ve been busy, so I didn’t have much time
After finishing my busy schedule in the first half of the year, I started going around in earnest!

If you visit for the first time, you will have a consultation!
You can choose the management program you want
I was more relieved because you checked everything thoroughly during the consultation

I’ve also taken a one-time management price list for We Beauty!
You’re always curious about the price when you go to the dermatologist
But it was good that WeBeauty is open to the public and manages all branches transparently!

I asked a lot of questions during the consultation
The manager of the WeBeauty branch I visited explained it very kindly!

I was wondering if I should pick one and manage it when I visit
If you want, you can take care of more than two patients at once
I’m most interested in mitral and small face care
I asked her which one would be better
I heard that mitral muscle care can make your jaw line lean!

So I decided to receive it 10 times focusing on the management of the groundless grounds!

After receiving 10 episodes, I will show you B4 and After!

We-beauty is famous for meridian massage
My friends and sisters are already impressed
I thought I should get it when I decide to take care of it
But I was so happy to have a chance to experience it in We Beauty like this!!

If it’s okay, I’ll get ten sessions of care
People preparing for the special wedding get a lot of bride care
But I have quite a few friends around me who are about to get married (due to COVIDO…)
I was curious too, so I asked if there was a bridal care
There’s a bridal care, but he recommended that it’s okay to choose the right care for you!

I really fell in love with your recommendation that you get the care you need
Of course, I haven’t visited other branches, so I can’t compare them
The manager at the branch I went to explained it professionally
It was good to hear that some kind of care could have this effect~!
I don’t know, so I can choose two different types of care for two different effects
It was great that you taught me how to manage it effectively!

After consultation, move to a room where you can get we-beauty meridian!
The room was much bigger than I thought
I felt comfortable because of the comfortable wooden interior!

There’s a separate place where you can hang your clothes
The pink one you see at the bottom is a disinfection machine for the gown!
It’s hot when taking out the gown, so be careful to take it out
I felt like I was really being treated because the clothes felt warm and clean!

Besides, I was relieved to see you taking great care of hygiene
I’m relieved that you’re wearing a mask all the time
Even after the care, they disinfected the room thoroughly!

Change into a ribbon gown and ring the bell
Ready to get meridian!!!

When I press the bell, the caregiver comes in and gives me a massage now!
I was worried it would be awkward at first because it’s bone therapy with my feet
There was no awkwardness at all

And if you’re not used to massage before
Tell them the next day that it might hurt more than usual
It was nice of you to tell me in advance if there was any pain rather than coolness!

I got a foot massage in earnest. Wow…
Maybe it’s because the pressure is more uniform than the hand massage
I felt so cool!!
And I don’t usually get massages
I was worried it might hurt, but maybe it’s because I stretch a lot
I felt so relaxed and cool during the massage!!!

The height of my left and right shoulders are different and my joints are different
I was so happy that you recognized it right away and took care of it!

After the massage, he gave me snacks like this
But you told me that I can take it without eating inside because of the corona!

You can exercise and eat at the same time
You said you could get better results in the future
I also care about eating and stretch every evening!

I just took this picture because it was amazing after it was over!
(Something like Chuno… I didn’t want to upload it myself, so just upload it.)
WeBeauty will take a photo of BIFO in the first round and take an after-sales photo in the tenth round
I took it because I was curious

It’s a bit disappointing that there was no photo before the treatment
I know my mitral muscles
But it was so amazing that I went down right after the first treatment!
And it’s covered by a mask, but we’re taking care of the mitral muscles
It was amazing that the jaw line became thinner!!!

Of course, you can’t expect a permanent effect after receiving it once
If you keep receiving this, your jaw line will get thinner
I got the confidence that mitral muscles will be managed properly after one treatment!

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